Ideas living and fermented

Process. Collaboration. Building upon.  Our ideas are living and fermented forms of metadata thought that are growing and becoming the light bulbs of internet. I have been having a fantastic time learning about such profound ideas this semester, and like I said in my sharing blog, building on others work, which is the heart of copyright law, is valuable in our day. Things move so fast, that we need each to develop standards and to work as a team creating the content.

Like our learning network—all of us are not reading every article available to us—no one has that kind of time. But, we do have time to learn from each other. As each of us gleans important or inspiration ideas and blogs/tweets about them, we are all enriched, in much faster way. 

And thanks to metadata we can go back to view these posts. #LS566 and we can aggregate important content.

I am working on a paper about typewriters for another class right now, and the idea of fermented ideas being added to the table is important. Just because a technology is old, or an idea has been improved, does not mean the original concept is not fermenting and waiting to be utilized in the modern environment.  This is an admonition to be resourceful and collaborative: there is enough information for everybody to organize infinitely. 



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